Frequently Asked Questions

<strong>What is Polyurea?</strong>
Polyurea is an organic polymer, meaning, two or more polymeric compounds react resulting in a plastic or rubber consistency polymer.
<strong>Where can you use polyurea</strong>
Plyurea can be used on cement or metal layers. It dries instantly when in contact with the primary layer.
<strong>Does polyurea have a good adhesion to metal</strong>
Polyurea can pe applied to sandblasted metal (white or almost white), with a proper rugosity (approximately 100 microns). Under these circumstances, the adhesion is great without even using primes.
<strong>How do you apply polyurea</strong>
Polyurea can be applied by special instructed teams or by our company, using specialized equipment.
<strong>How long does the polyurea system last for applied to concrete </strong>
Polyurea is a new system, applied for only 12 years now. By accelerate lab tests we have time resistance estimations. We tested the system to 50o C saline mist (spray) for 3000h and the results showed no signs of rust of reduced adhesion.
<strong>Who is Quaker</strong>
Quaker was founded in 1918. It is NYSE listed and in 2009 the estimated turnover was 451mil USD. In 2009 the company invested 15mil. USD in research. It is a global organization that has its prime focus on producing industial chemicals and managing the chemical fluids with help from local distribuitors.
<strong>In which industries will Quaker be found</strong>
Quaker can be found in the pipe and aluminum industry, paints, steel and car industry and other vehicle industries, metal manufacturing and mining industry, fire sesistant fluids industry and chemical fluids management industry.
<strong>Why should I use the Quaker products</strong>
  • The exploitation cost is considerably reduced and the productivity/quality of the final product grows.
  • The Quaker products are incorporated and they come with technical support for appliance.
  • It presents a product portfolio for the technological process starting with the becoming until the final products is formed.
  • Quaker measures and monitorizes the process of creation and the worth value.
<strong>Which are the Quaker products for the pipe industry</strong>
  • Exterior coating pipe paints.
  • Cooling substances for forming and straightening the pipes.
  • Anticorrosive substances (oil, wax) for protecting the pipes.
  • Hydrostatic testing fluids.
  • Cutting emulsions.
  • Pipe laminating emulsions or forming for welded pipes.
  • Surface cleaning and preparatory fluids.
  • Fire resistant hydraulic fluids.
  • Technical support in purchasing equipments.
  • Process and application consultancy.
<strong>Who is Samwha</strong>
Samwha was founded in 1946 and it is listed by the Trading market of Seoul. In 2009, Samwha had a 200 mil. USD turnover and it produces the following types of paints:

  • Floor/flooring paints.
  • Architectural paints.
  • Paints for wood.
  • Polyester resin paints.
  • Aluminum can paints.
  • Industrial paints.
  • Heavy Duty paints.
  • Paints for plastic.
  • Car industry paints.
  • UV-drying paints for wood, plastic, paper and glass.
  • Special paints: fire resistant, fluorescent, antistatic, temperature variation resistant.
<strong>Which are the most frequent problems in applying epoxy resins for floors</strong>
Air in the auto-leveling epoxy resin film because of the fast mixing process or because of the painting roll, 90% cases because of the resulting gases from cement. The holes in the film are due to the air caught under the film in tiny spaces on the surface. Air may expand before the film dries from sunlight. Low material temperatures (superficial tension), meaning, bubbles may appear due to the tension difference between paint and the grease or silicon particles (sometimes even dust particles). The bubbles are a layer processing problem.
<strong>What is RapidShield</strong>
RapidShield is a high performance system for coating concrete surfaces (old or new). It is mono-component and it is paint roll applicable. It is a UV-drying system that needs a mobile unit that has UV rays.
<strong>What are the RapidShield advantages compared to traditional systems</strong>
  • Instant drying.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Prolongs the film’s lifespan.
  • Single component formula.
  • 0 Volatile organic compound content.
  • Reduced exploatation costs.
  • Reduced applying time.
<strong>Who are the potential clients for RapidShield</strong>
Warehouses, car and components factories, aluminum can producers.
<strong>How do you get the surface ready for this product</strong>
The surface is prepared like any other surface for applying resins. (see: Technical Information)
<strong>How do you apply and dry the RapidShield product</strong>
The product is applied by painting roll. It dries using a portable device that emits UV light. The RapidShield system consists of 1 to 4 layers.

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